Monday, May 22, 2006

Two Brave Women

An excellent column from The Washington Times' Suzanne Fields on two Muslim women fighting female oppression:

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Reading: Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom


Blogger Bent El Neel said...

Hi there Cminor
Great topic! I have a link to this wonderful website MEMRI which report on a lot of issues in the Middle East, but is aimed for the Western world.

You know how Mid Eastern/Islamic countries portray a certain image to the West...when in reality it is far from the truth? Well, on this website, you can see for yourself excerpts from TV programs that are shown in ME media, watched by millions of people who have been conditioned throughout their history to believe anyone with a beard and turban. They are subtitled so you can understand them easily.

Visit this link and select an item from the search for subject drop down menu. If you select "women" you should be able to view tens of clips that deal with women's rights in the ME. You can also see a whole range of topics such as antisemitism, terrorism, Christianity, etc.

It may help shed some light on a lot of things we don't hear about in Western media.

Take care :)

10:01 PM  

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