Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Squirrel Report

Junior Squirrel, unfortunately, did not survive. I was more than a bit concerned about K.'s friend's ability to render proper care, but raising young wildlife is an iffy proposition to begin with so who can say?
I was heartened yesterday to observe a young squirrel, who looked to be of comparable age to Junior, on the trunk of what I think was the nesting tree. Perhaps they weren't all lost!
My neighbors cut down most of their trees and I think as a result we have become a squirrel (and bird) ghetto--our yard is especially busy this year.
No hummers yet, though my nectar feeder is at the ready, but the cardinals, chickadees, wrens, and Carolina sparrows are busy and make frequent feeder visits. I hear woodpeckers in the morning, but haven't gotten a glimpse to ID them. Hairies and/or Downies are common, and we briefly had some red-bellieds in a snag in the neighbors yard two years back (that had to go--it was ready to fall over.)Robins and mourning doves frequent the grassy spots, and our usual contingent of thrashers, towhees, and mockingbirds haunts the shrubbery. Fledglings are beginning to grow bold--a thrasher chick got grounded yesterday and was taken out by Bud--I am going to have to be really careful for the next few months.


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