Monday, May 15, 2006

A New Use for That Good Ol' Mountain Dew

According to an AP wire story by Bill Poovey (dateline: Tullahoma, TN,) a Tennessee inventor and business owner is marketing an old hill country practice as a fuel-stretching strategy. Bill Sasher and his company, Dogwood Energy, are building and selling--like hotcakes, apparently--stills modified to brew ethanol as a fuel additive. Naturally the stills are built in a creekside warehouse "down a backwoods road, next door to a noisy rooster, and less than five miles from..." the Jack Daniels distillery. No word on whether the warehouse is camouflaged with an overgrowth of Virginia creeper.

The story ran in my local newspaper; alas, they seem to have left it off the web archive (out of embarassment?) and I haven't yet been able to find a link to it. Perhaps when my tech support (love ya, hon!) gets home we can add it in. Or I might just stoop to scanning in the clipping

Honestly, I don't go looking for these stories--they find me. I feel soooo Southern.
Maybe I should get one of those horns that play "Dixie" for my Volvo wagon.



Blogger DMinor said...


Found a link for the story:


9:43 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

I am in awe of your googling prowess, my love. (eyelash flutter)

6:37 AM  

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