Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On birds & words

D. reported seeing what he thought was a juvenile cardinal at the front yard feeder this morning. (Guess I'll make a naturalist outta that city boy yet!) There's been a pair in residence there since early spring--the male, at least, has been very much in evidence. It's nice to see the young'uns starting out in the big world.

On an etymological note, today a dyed-in-the-wool Carolina Girl friend gave me the best explanation I've heard yet of the difference between voodoo and hoodoo. (Who knew they weren't the same thing?) Voodoo, as we all know, is practiced in New Orleans and frequently employs statuettes of the Virgin Mary. Cahhhnvussly (please imagine your thickest Charlestonese drawl heah) Hoodoo, practiced primarily in the lowcountry of Cahaliinah, eschews Mary but occasionally substitutes statuettes of Jesus in its practice. Theahfoah, Hoodoo is merely Protestant Voodoo.



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