Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Huswifery

Harvest: Inundation with first radish crop. More planted. Would that carrots grew as well here! I'm going to be reduced to growing them in pots if I can't do better with them. We have a deal with the bunny as regards the radishes. He gets the top; we get the root. Everybody happy. Now if only Son #1 could eat the darn things a little faster...

Knitting: Back & left side of baby gift finished. Learned to turn heel on sock last night--really cool!

Reading: The Language Police by Diane Ravitch. Worth the read for anyone concerned about free speech. Must put together review for this site.

This Old House: Kitchen still decked out in tape. Ought to paint this weekend, if time allows. One tub caulked, one in progress.

Environmental: Recent feeder arrivals--Ruby-throated hummingbirds, house finches. No evidence of conjunctivitis among finches yet, though I haven't had the op to train field glasses on them & can't therefore be certain. Juvenile cardinals very much in evidence now, and looking increasingly mature. Saw what looked to be a phoebe or pee-wee yesterday on the back patio but didn't get a really good look.

House finches seem to come and go at my feeders, though they are around all year as far as I know. I hadn't spotted one in months and then, hello! Conjunctivitis cases turn up on occasion but do not to my limited observations seem to reach the pandemic levels that were originally feared. I've seen about three cases in the last five years or so, and have attempted unsuccessfully to treat one. Water stress and vulnerability to predators are the biggest hazard, from what I glean. I clean and sun the feeders periodically for good measure.


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