Sunday, April 23, 2006


Painting: Edges taped. Primer: this week, whenever.

Harvest: Bibb lettuce--tender and tasty! Provided our nature observation for the day; namely, that it is possible to subject a small garden slug (subcl. Pulmonata)to moderate refrigeration for two to three days without causing it noticeable distress. Of course, it does need a few minutes' thawing before regaining mobility. Needless to say, wash lettuce with great care.

Knitting: Baby gift temporarily on back burner while sock class in session. Making pale pink variegated w/ pastel trekking socks, either for me or for one of the girls (Likely Baby, if I get too frustrated and decide to end before I get to my size. On the other hand, they'd look so feminine with my hiking shoes!) Working on 5 size 1 dpns, one sock at a time. I need to study up on more efficient technique--I am excruciatingly slow! Friday a friend gave me a really nifty demonstration of knitting socks two at a time on paired circular needles. Fast, efficient, and no second sock syndrome! Have found instructions on the 'net--will have to study this before my next pair! Also found excellent stepwise photo album, with two colors of yarn for better understanding, on the twisted German cast-on (great for sock & mitten cuffs.)

Parish Library: Books shelved in groups by topic. Printed up large assortment of topic labels, color-coded. Have begun labelling phase, one evening/week. Card catalog revamp coming this summer.

Reading: Mother Angelica's Answers, Not Promises.

Culinary: Thawed 2C pumpkin from freezer. Muffins must be baked tomorrow.

What I'll actually be doing: Proctoring standardized test for 3rd grade homeschoolers. Chrono at the ready.


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