Friday, April 29, 2011

An Occasion for Bartholemew Cubbins

The recent royal wedding was inspirational to some; however I missed it entirely. I did read of the great fuss made over the hats worn (or not worn) by the female attendees. Having not posted in a great while, I decided to give the old parody pen another try.

Headgear Displayed
(to the tune of "Easter Parade;" apologies to Irving Berlin)
by Dminor

At the royal wedding
(They'll not be soon forgetting),
Oh what an odd assortment
of headgear displayed.

Some, "boats" perched on the cranium;
some, words will fail explaining 'em,
Ended up as fodder 

For a critics tirade.

A bizarre review, it's a head-top zoo!
And somewhere off to the side,
I heard that there was
a royal groom and his bride

Oh, they're even hammerin'
on Samantha Cameron
whose tasteful dress but lack of hat
left critics dismayed.

I hope all had a Happy and Blessed Easter, and best wishes to the happy couple.

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