Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feline and Block

Technical Cats
by Dminor (apologies to T. S. Eliot)

Technical Cats come out to-night
Technical Cats come one come all.
My cellular phone's not acting right
It's saying something 'bout a function call

Technical Cats are gray and white
Technical Cats are big and small
Technical cats are rather bright
And pleasant to have fix a firewall

Technical Cats have business clothes
Technical Casts have glasses for eyes
They like to work on the Suns with Windows
They're fond of Apples, but not for pies.

Technical Cats don't crave attentions
Technical Cats can make phones ring
Technical Cats like their search engines
They're tops at Perl scripting and at networking.

Until a Technical Glitch appears
They pass their free time against Warcraft foes
Technicals went to school for years;
Technicals know where a router goes.

Technical Cats are old and young
Technical Cats mind their data pipe size
They know what to do when the printer's hung
Or what to do when the "UPS" fries.

They're quiet enough in the morning hours
They're quiet enough 'till they've had caffeine
It fuels their analytical powers
And brings them in tune with the troubled machine.

Technical Cats are gray and white
Technicals may (as I said) be small
If it happens to be a stormy night
You will hear them cry out "Save your work!" in the hall.
If it happens that the sun is shining bright
They might not know a thing about it at all.
They are inside applying themselves all right,
With a Technical mouse in their Technical paw.

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