Friday, October 30, 2009

For the Birds?

I usually view technology as my friend. My father worked for a large computer company when computers were large, and only Bruce Wayne had one in his home. I enjoy a good gadget, even if my budget has kept me from early adoption of most of them. On the internet, I can really appreciate how internet relay chat, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing software, Wikis (especially Wikipedia) and even blogs have enriched life. I'll even allow that social networking sites have some use. The one phenomenon for which I really haven't found a use is microblogging, also known as Twittering.

Recently, in a leadership seminar, I asked a presenter if she used Twitter professionally. She was effusive in her praise of the program, saying that Twitter had brought business to her company. As proof of Twitter's usefulness she pointed me to an article by networking expert Sarah Michel entitled "Twitter Chatter." Sarah Michel embraces Twitter as

an amazing marketing tool. I personally know several people who have gotten business, secured contracts and even landed new jobs all on Twitter. It provides a great platform for you to get immediate feedback on ideas, products or concepts. Remember, this is free marketing research!

She also gives some tips on keeping the tweets relevant and interesting.
Here are a few of her recent "Tweets":

# I just saw "This Is It" the new Michael Jackson movie with a group ranging from 11 to 50 yrs. of age-EVERYONE loved it! Go see the talent!about 22 hours ago from TweetDeck

# Driving to Denver airport in a blinding snow storm. Luckly it's not sticking to the road. If you don't have to go anywhere today...don't!2:46 PM Oct 25th from Tweetie

# You have 17 seconds to make a positive first impression-make sure your intro is Clear, Concise, Catchy & Communicates your value-add8:03 AM Oct 23rd from TweetDeck

I still have to say that I am somewhat of a skeptic. Consider these "Tweets" from one Levi Johnson of Wasilla, Alaska:

# CONFIRMATION: It looks like the shoot will
be all nude after all.. ..! But in a
tasteful matter (who remembers Austin powers
ending part I)about 21 hours ago from web

# @JGoo220 You know you're a celebrity when
strangers want to see your penis.!!LMAO --
9:57 AM Oct 29th from web in reply to

# there's been a lot of rumours whether I'll
go fulll frontal as of late... I repeat
===its NOT CONFIRM. ( not yet ) I will let
ya guys know9:46 AM Oct 29th from web



Blogger CMinor said...

Though he seems determined to extend his fifteen minutes as long as possible, Levi gets no points for "relevance." I'm also dubious about that "interesting," unless he was graced with anatomical features worthy of Ripley's. Nonetheless, you should cite links. Particularly since I've just taken the trouble to be especially insulting.

9:26 AM  
Blogger CMinor said...

BTW, tell that woman to put up the Blackberry and pay attention to road conditions!

9:28 AM  
Blogger DMinor said...

Young Mr. Johnston:

Ms. Michel:

Look if you must

8:07 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

On reflection, I wonder that that guy's handlers allow him access to a communications method that enables him to share random thoughts with the world at a moment's notice. One careless remark could overturn the whole apple cart in short order.

How'd you end up on a Palin-bashing site, anyway?

5:41 AM  

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