Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dynamic Duo or Others Doing Smothers

The talent scouts at the minor premise have been at it, finding "undiscovered" musical talent so you don't have to. Today we present a music-comedy duo from the UK: Rocky and Balls. They have it all -- funny lyrics, harmonies, innuendo, hand clapping, ukelele and kazoos. They remind me a little of the Flight of the Conchords (although they're from a different set of islands), and a little of an SNL skit (folk group with hand clapping).

I'm not really fond of the video ending, but you can't have everything. The two women have solo projects (Sophie Madeline and Hannah Rockcliff aka Hannah Rei, but here the sum is better than the parts.
So, what do you think? The next Spice Girls?

Thanks to Hon Daughter #1

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