Friday, September 25, 2009

How Hope Can Change

The Summer Slide
by Dminor

A cloud hangs over Washington;
It will not go away.
The people strain to remember
An earlier glory day.

After years of waiting impatiently,
Decades of righteous strife,
We thought their coming would, at last,
bring the town to life.

Anticipation greeted them;
The people hopeful, then,
Are now, by turns, an "angry mob"
Or joyless women, men.

Such hopes we had, and some still do
Come out and show support.
But how much can proud citizens stand
From report after bad report?

Apologies and finger-pointing!
Blame bias, Blame the past!
Who cares what caused the summer slide?
Our champions have finished last.

A cloud hangs over Washington!
Disappointment! Pain!
Baseball came to old DC,
but the Nats lost 100 again.

On the occasion of the Washington Nationals second straight 100-loss season.

At least they're not the Lions.



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