Saturday, April 08, 2006

The revenue officer's a-comin', gonna tear yore still-house down.

According to yesterday's Augusta Chronicle, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents raided a still run by a 78-year-old south Augusta man Thursday evening. The district attorney remarked that this was his first moonshine bust and described the experience as a "throwback to the '50's and '60's." Called out of retirement to assist the proceedings was former Richmond County Sheriff Charlie Webster, who had 28 years of experience as a state revenue agent prior to his term as sheriff.
The full story can be found at
Moonshine Destroyed

Time marches on here in the South, but it continues to march at a slower pace than elsewhere in the U.S. The police blotter is no exception. We occasionally open the newspaper and read about the breakup of a cockfighting or dogfighting ring, and every so often a would-be perpetrator finds himself facing the swift justice of a personal sidearm. And apparently, a few Uncle Jesses still produce illegal duty-free corn squeezin's in smilax and kudzu-covered sheds off red-dirt backroads.

The title of this post, btw, is from the bluegrass song Darling Corey.



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