Friday, October 15, 2010

Whit's in a Name? or The Power of N

There once was a candidate, Green,
Who suspected conspiracy mean,
With the ballots in sight, he
Cried "I'm not Rich Whitey!
It's 'Whitney' and has ever been."

While I'm not sure Mr. Rich Whitney can find the humor in his predicament, I certainly can.

Jay Leno, in his headline segment some years ago showed a campaign sign that read "Rich White, Republican." This was the candidate's actual name and appeared on the ballot.   Too bad he wasn't running against a Democrat Red N. Poe.

Local newscasters eschew the diminutive when reporting on Aiken county's sheriff, Michael Hunt, despite the fact that his early campaign material used that form.   Rich Whitney can thank his lucky stars he doesn't have to run under that name.

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