Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hot Correspondence for Hallow's Eve

For a long time now, I have marveled at the meteoric rise and, at least for now, fall of our current president. How could someone gain such a high office so quickly and with seemingly so few credentials? The letter below may shed some light on subject, but, given its origin, I doubt it has any real value to inform.

I have no intention of explaining how the correspondence I now offer to the public fell into my hands, but I offer it anyway.

My Dear Holeywood,

Initially I have been delighted with your success so far with your patient, but I must say that he has been aiding you almost every step of the way. You must guard against complacency, lest the Enemy steal your triumph from your outstretched fingers. I must say that crafting an early success, built on promises and the hopes of the downtrodden but on no real accomplishment was almost a stroke of genius. Stroking his ego every step of the way, surrounding him with people reinforcing his faults rather than challenging him was all very well played. Little did he know that the bargain he struck would be intended for his eventual eternal undoing and Our Father's delight. His unquestioning acceptance of all that the world would give him; power, fine things, celebrity, even adulation and worship, serve only to bring him closer to Our Father's House. The use of an international "peace" prize was a particularly elegant touch, even if some in our Realm thought it a bit overdone.

Perhaps by happy accident, you have helped your fellow toilers by sowing despair among so many of the 300 million souls in our region. For that I am sure you will win the grudging approval of your peers. They bought into hope and change, and it distracted many of them from that disgusting Hope that doesn't change.

Is it possible, however, that you are closing the trap too quickly. So soon after reaching his goal, was it wise to let his admirers desert him and his detractors gain in strength? Would he not suspect some wonderfully Diabolical motive to the rug of popularity flying so soon from beneath his feet? Wouldn't he suspect who it was that was behind such an unlikely rise if it were not sustained? Will he not sense that our promises were as fleeting as his, but with a more deliberate purpose? Our Father will not be pleased at all to have this victory snatched from his jaws. Even if your patient has not called upon Him before for help, or has ignored His invitations, it is the Enemy's way to turn deep adversity to His gain at the worst possible moment. The patient's adversity will pale in comparison to yours if this comes to pass.

Your affectionate uncle,

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Blogger christopher said...

Nicely done! And I like the line - "They bought into hope and change, and it distracted many of them from that disgusting Hope that doesn't change."

8:03 PM  
Blogger DMinor said...

Thanks. I almost left that line out as not enough like Lewis, but I just can't resist a good, meaningful play on words.

8:37 PM  

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