Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bow Wow

Did you lose something, Mr. President?
Is something on the floor?
I did not think you'd come to call
with a back that's sore.

You're bent double, Mr. President;
a quite unseemly pose
for a leader, an organizer
whom everybody knows.

Look up here, Mr. President;
you are a head of state!
The leader of the free world
should not be found prostrate.

Oh, do come now, Mr. President;
this is all quite much
we don't need a demonstration
of a one-handed-toe-touch.

Please! Really, Mr. President;
Your wife gave the Queen a hug.
So you don't have to start out
by staring at the rug.

You must know, Mr. President,
the protocol you broke
has made you and your country
look like some kind of joke.

- Dminor



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