Saturday, March 28, 2009

Them There 'Ayes'

I thought I'd try some variations on I Only Have Eyes For You. Unfortunately, as the song is irregular in meter and rhyme scheme and only about eleven lines long (if you don't count the refrain) it doesn't lend itself well to parody. I'm contemplating parodying only medieval ballads or Gilbert and Sullivan arias henceforth.

Following is the result of my labors. The theme was suggested by D, who can be relied upon to always go for the cheap pun. I think it works; you have to imagine it being sung by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [subject of a prior musical tribute by D] to the Prez.

'Ayes' For You
To be sung, with profuse apologies to Harry Warren and Al Dubin (also Peggy Lee, The Flamingos, The Lettermen, and the gazillion other artists who have covered the original,) to the tune of I Only Have Eyes For You

My House must be a rubber-stamp House,
Delivering bills straight to you--
Sha bop sha bop

We have majority;
If we strongarm the weak GOP
We'll only have 'ayes' for you.

But they're holding out
And some Blue Dogs are starting to pout--
Will we have the 'ayes' for you?

I don't know if we can still hold 'em
If their voters raise the hue--

To distract we can try,
Letting trillions of dollars go by
And setting up Stimulus II--
But will we have 'ayes' for you?

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