Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Gift" means poison in German . . .

They say that you can never take back a first impression, and the new administration has made quite an impression with their choice of gifts in the last couple of days.

Among the things which peeved our British friends during the UK Prime Minister's visit to Washington was President Obama's choice of gift to PM Brown. Our President offered the Prime Minister a bunch of DVDs of American Movies. Iain Brown, of the Daily Telegraph, explains that DVD technology and television have made it all the way to the UK, and that the British people have viewed the films "as many times as you have." The Obama gift was in contrast to Mr. Brown's gift of a very unique pen made from the wood of an old British vessel (HMS Gannet). The desk in the White House Oval office is made from the sister ship of the Gannet.

Finally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a red button she believed was marked "Reset" in Russian. It did not read "Reset," but instead read "Overcharge." Sister Toldjah believed that the button was actually supposed to remain in the White House for when the President "decides to help the American people with more entitlement programs, tax hikes, and pork." Tommy Christopher quipped that
"the last thing you want to give Russia is 'the button. . . .'” This has got to be a big black eye for the U.S. State Department Russian Lanuguage program.

Label this: Protocol Fail

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