Friday, March 20, 2009

An Embarassment of Riches

I let things go for a month or so, and when I come back there's so much material I feel like Lucy in the chocolate factory--I can barely keep up! A few items from this evening's offerings:

1. We spent some time in Germany and were always a bit nonplussed about the Germans' love-hate relationship with Americans and all things American (on average, they didn't much care for Americans, although Air Force officers seemed to be in high demand in the Morale Welfare circular personals ads; things American, be they music, rodeo, U.S. mailboxes, or the flag as a motif on everything from scarves to sports cars, they were wild about.) Thus we weren't terribly surprised to come across this new product. Yep, that's right. Chicken fingers. Mit curry dip--let's not go overboard with this American thing, shall we?

I figured the product choice was an example of political correctness stopping at the water's edge, but we are assured that the common stereotype does not translate into German. I dunno...

2. Somebody at the Huffington Post went off the rez and posted a profile of Kolan McConiughey, a top Special Olympics bowler who could easily make hash of Barack Obama. He has some tips for the prez for improving his game.

3. The New Republic's assistant editor James Kirchick takes matters into his own hands and offers his own Nowruz greeting to the people of Iran. All I can say is whew.

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