Sunday, April 02, 2006

An actual log entry

Definition 5 in the dictionary: "Any record of progress or occurrences, as on a journey, in an experiment, etc." Here goes:

Approx. 5/6 of kitchen eating area painted; 1 coat primer on last section. Completed in drips & drabs over past 2 weeks. I take great pleasure in no longer having to see hideous dusty rose walls. Next, the rest of the kitchen.

Tried priming over striped wallpaper that won't come off in bedroom. Contemplated renting a steamer buit don't want expense plus I'm afraid pieces of wall may come off with. 2 coats actually seems to cover stripes pretty well; may use third for good measure so I don't have to use too dark a paint in there.

Built garden gate from scrap lumber in shed & galv. wire fencing. Only had to buy framing hardware, hinges, 1 fence stake for the latch side of the frame. Stained w/ old deck sealant we had in shed. Not a bad piece of work for a rank amateur with limited tools, if I do say so myself; pretty much completed, except for drying time, over this weekend. Used saber saw, sander, drill (w/bit & Phillips screwdriver attachment,) staple gun, needlenose pliers, and hammer. Expect it will be fully dog-proof once I add a latch. If it holds, I might try uploading a picture when Hon. Daughter #1 comes home for Easter wkend--must remind her to bring camera.

Slow progress on baby gift for the expected C.M., Jr. Working stockinette stitch but debating whether to pull it out and do whole thing in garter. Need to start dealing w/arm openings soon if I continue with current design.

D. literally working 2 jobs during transfer from one office to another. Glad he's doing it but have hardly seen him this wk to include the weekend. Just got home & is making self lunch so will sign off now & go keep company.


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