the minor premise

the minor premise

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Wondering

From The Washington Post:

Senior Obama officials said that an overthrow of the Zelaya government had been brewing for days and that they worked behind the scenes to stop the military and its conservative, wealthy backers from pushing Zelaya out.

But...wouldn't that be meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations?


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crazy from the Heat

It was 100 degrees in Georgia
There was rioting in Tehran
Sasha and Malia got ice cream

And it rained on the New York golf fans.

Again 100 degrees for tomorrow
Let's pray for the folks in Tehran.
I really would like something colder --
Like a pic from a North Pole web cam.

The photo is from a NOAA arctic webcam from the end of May. After that heavy snows or a pressure ridge seems to have spoiled subsequent pictures.

Hat tip to Watt's Up with That for pointing the way.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Common Cents

Cinema time! Here are two videos that are really on the money. The first one is a hard hitting economic visualization that gives no quarter when it comes to fudging the figures. Courtesy of the really cool blog Political Math, with a hat tip to The American Catholic and Donald McClary.

The second feature is just a fun piece. What if you could go to the mall, pick up some small change and not get dimed out for it? To coin a phrase, its all about the Abrahams in this next pic:

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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Party is Wearing Thin

The Parody Department is back in the saddle, this time looking to the 1970s band Thin Lizzy for its inspiration. For your amusement, a little party song:

Obama's on the Town
by DMinor
(To the tune of "The Boys Are Back in Town");
apologies to Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy

Guess who just flew in today
On Airforce one - shut down the runway?
The U.S. Prez and first Lady -
Oh man, the traffic will be so crazy.

They were planning a night on the town;
DC scene, well it's got them down.
Couldn't just have gone to Georgetown -
New York groove is just so crazy.

The Prez is on the town
(Obama's on the town)
I said
The Prez is on the town
(Obama's on the town)

You know it's better in a tax-paid jet.
Never fear: that old "cap and trade" hasn't been passed yet.
Man, when I say how much it cost, you'll have a fit -
Money is no object.

He's got time and a landing place,
And an Air Force crew and Secret Service.
Man, a limo drives him to the place.
If someone brings up the cost, forget it.

The Prez is on the town
(Obama's on the town)
I said
The Prez is on the town
(Obama's on the town)

Fly the world around
Guess who's on the town
You'll spread the word around

In Paris they'll be dressed to kill;
Taxpayers will foot the bill.
The drink will flow -- Michelle, don't spill!
And if the press corps should complain, better not let them.

Well, Fox News and the talkshows blasting them for spending wrongs.
His speech from the teleprompter's a little long.
Won't be long 'til Twenty-ten,
Better enjoy while he still can.

The Prez is on the town
(Obama's on the town)
Fly the world around
The Prez is on the town
(Obama's on the town)

Obama's on the town again
The budget is in free-fall
Obama's on the town again

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