Sunday, May 03, 2009

Emus and Roosters and Goats, Oh My!

From our county council's monthly newsletter:
The Animal Care and Control Department is finding more and more livestock that has gotten loose and it is very hard to find the owners. They know the owners want their animals back but cannot keep livestock for long periods of time. This new free service to register livestock will help people get their animals back quicker.

Not too long ago, I heard an emu was picked up--well, okay, chased down and subdued with some difficulty. I was kind of surprised that Animal Control put out a call for the owners, as I'm pretty sure there's only one ratite farm in the county. From whence did they think the critter came? Perhaps the owners wanted that particular bird to stay lost:

"Maw, we missin' any emus?"
"Why no, Paw, I put 'em all in the barn last night."
"This hyar officer says he's got one of our-n. You recknize it?"
"That ain't our emu, officer. He ain't got our brand. And he's mangy. Must be one o' them maverick emus allus roamin' around hyah. Plumb nuisance."

Other than that, I must say that I had no idea we had an unidentified roaming livestock problem. Live and learn.

About ten years ago, we had a loose rooster attempt to take up residence in our backyard and I can attest that locating owners can be no easy task. (Also, that one courts ridicule posting ROOSTER FOUND signs in public places.) We never did find the owners (and no, he did not end up as Sunday dinner. Not for us, anyway.)

jbr, if you happen by, you can practice your editing. What is wrong with the first sentence in the announcement, and how can you fix it? What is wrong with the second sentence, and how can you fix that? Then, please get back to those papers.



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