Sunday, January 11, 2009

Irony of Ironies #1

D has been messing around on Wikio again lately, presumably in order to appear busy when I approach with the "I have a job for you" look in my eye. But he did find a few items that I thought set off the Irony-O-Meter. I figured they were worth a quick post. Here is the first: (that's DD as in direct democracy) put up this post including C-SPAN footage of Congress tallying up the electoral votes and certifying Barack Obama as president-elect. There was, of course, great rejoicing in the combox.

I'm not partial to the idea of direct democracy, except perhaps for some local matters, for reasons that if I recall are covered in The Federalist Papers. That and the bit of trivia that Switzerland didn't have national female suffrage until 1973, mainly because there were some cantons that couldn't be persuaded to enter the 20th century until then. Thus I found it interesting that a publication dedicated to the concept would be rhapsodizing about a particularly impressive example of the workings of representative democracy.

I guess that representative democracy thing is all right if it's working in your favor.



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