Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Season

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas on Thursday. We had all the kids in once place for once, and we enjoyed Christmas.

I checked back into work on December 26th, and among my voluminous emails was a message from a Protestant friend that noted that Christmas was officially over. I could only think to myself: "officially over? it has only just begun!"

The Ironic Catholic has written about the difference between the seasons Advent and Christmas, and how the secular world does not make the distinction. In the secular world, Christmas starts after Thanksgiving (or perhaps after Halloween) and lasts until December 25. For the Catholic, the Octave of Christmas lasts until January 1.

So here is some Christmas cheer.

First, you can caption this picture which appears to be out of season, but was actually taken during advent. Behold, the way of the crossword!

For something a little more in a celebratory vein, check out these house lights. They are something to behold:



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