Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturn Devouring His Son

Mark Steyn at National Review's The Corner blog makes note of skyrocketing abortion rates in Spain under the heading:
Abortion Now Number One Cause Of Death In Spain.

Under Spain's practically nonexistent restrictions, abortions have more than doubled since the mid 1990s, climbing from 51,006 in 1996 to over 120,000 in 2007. The abortion rate is now approaching one in five pregnancies (18.3%), according to the report...

The IPF report also notes that the proportion of women having their second or later abortion has risen substantially since 2000, from 23% that year to 31% in 2006...

Spain's abortion rate is a major contributor to the country's worsening demographic problems.

The Goya painting with which I titled this post (I'm not posting it here, as it's pretty horrific) suddenly seems weirdly prescient. In devouring their children, the Spanish sow the seeds of their own eventual downfall.

It is very interesting, I think, to witness again the result of broad decriminalization of abortion. We here in the U.S. have seen this before--in 1973 by judicial fiat we went from fairly restricted abortion (illegal in all but a few states except for certain specified cases) to effectively unrestricted abortion; the result was a huge spike in the number of abortions during the rest of the '70's. What slowed it down? I think it was public awareness leading to the imposition of commonsense restrictions in many states. I may write more about this later.



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