Monday, February 04, 2008

Pigskin, Pancakes and Politics

After Super Sunday comes a big fat Super Tuesday. This is the one time when you can in safety vote your conscience, conviction and issues. I would be willing to bet that in November the filter of party will be the deciding factor for most of the electorate. So, if you are in a Super Tuesday state, kick off the Mardi Gras right. Be one of the giants that help our country have the superb manning it needs to come back from any adversity. If anyone says that voting in the primary doesn't matter, 'e lie! If you don't vote, your candidate may be the first down the drain. Pass on this and you run the risk of a penalty. If your concerns are defense, the economy (who wants to get sacked?), respect for life, or respect for marriage, you don't want the debate to come to a bad end. Zone in, block out some time, invest some thought and you're bound to get at least half back in a sense of pride in being a patriot. Aye, hop to it! Consider your power. Sweep up your courage, touch down on your screen or what ever your local voting method is, and pick the best in the field. Goals can be achieved this way. Be you left or right, guard against complacency and center your concentration so that we can tackle the issues in the end. Hold the line now, for you may find that you may have to fly to the computer and post your frustrations at the November line-up. The one extra point you make could be the difference between chains and breaking into the clear! Get out of the yard! Line up at the polls!

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