Friday, December 14, 2007

It's not just me (and it's obviously not a recent phenom, either.)

Today, Miss Marple had absorbed the front page and a few other items in the daily paper that she had nicknamed "The Daily All-Sorts," this being a slightly satirical allusion to the fact that her paper, The Daily Newsgiver, owing to a change of proprietor, to her own and to other of her friends' great annoyance, now provided articles on men's tailoring, women's dress, female heartthrobs, competitions for children, and complaining letters from women and had managed pretty well to shove any real news off any part of it but the front page, or to some obscure corner where it was impossible to find it. Miss Marple, being old-fashioned, preferred her newspapers to be newspapers and give you news.

Agatha Christie, Nemesis



Blogger Kate said...

Read that the other day, and thought exactly the same thing. Although considering how many human interest stories on the front page I've been suckered into reading, I might be veering on hypocrisy in that stance.

7:31 PM  

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