Monday, November 13, 2006

Locke, Stock and Barrel

Michael Totten, a freelance writer who resided in Beirut for a time and was ill-used by the Hizballah, published a combox entry from a Texan, Ric Locke, to a Hizbollahi commenter. Pretty powerful stuff. Some excerpts:

I am, more or less in order of importance, an American, a Christian, a Texan, a military veteran, a Republican, and a descendant of American Indians. Whatever your goals are, you must convince me, and others like me, not to oppose them, or you don't have a hope in Hell.

The reason that is so is that you produce nothing for yourself. You and your people do not even make the explosives you kill people with; you must buy them from the West, or from the Persians. . . .

You don't even earn the money you buy those things with. You must depend upon the largesse, the generosity, of others, and if you believe that generosity is genuinely in your interest you are too stupid to take seriously, . . . .

We, on the other hand (and by "we" I mean the West and those who have copied us) make all those things. It is for this reason that we are strong. We learned, with the most painful lessons coming in the century just past, that both Mao and Machiavelli were wrong. . . . . What we have learned is the deep truth of another aphorism:
When you are strong you can forgive your enemies. When you are weak you can only kill them.

It's worth reading the whole piece.



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