Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I haven't been posting

I haven't been posting much lately; thus I submit the following list of my activities yesterday by way of an explanation:

Up at 5:15 a.m.; D. got Hon. Son. #2 off to drill team practice before school.
Nap. (Well, it's not as if I'm going to get another chance.)
Up 7 a.m.; got Hon. Son. #1 up for work.
Breakfast. Baby up.
Started load of laundry.
Put away clean dishes.
Started loading dishwasher again.
Started Baby at school work.
Vacuum cleaned living room floor.
Load of laundry #2.
Picked remaining green cayennes; put up in jar with vodka.
Fed dogs.
Fixed lunch.
Finished loading dishwasher, started.
Spelling drill; checked math assignment; sent B. off to reading assignments & music practice.
Started emptying moribund car (that now needs to be replaced) of assorted sporting equipment. Strategically positioned sporting equipment near clothes washer for load of laundry #3.
Swept & mopped kitchen floor.
Application of stain to unfinished wall shelf #1.
Unscrewed blades from hair clippers; cleaned with solvent. This was necessary because one of Hon. Son. #2's clever buds decided on Saturday (during a service project) that it would be funny to slap a glop of black asphalt paint on his head. The only way to get rid of it was to shave him bald.
Baby carved pumpkin in attractive cat design. I washed pumpkin seeds & put to soak in salt water for baking tomorrow.
Dropped Baby off at babysitting job.
Picked up Hon. Son#2 from afternoon drill practice. Got in a round of knitting (preemie hat) while waiting for it to end.
Arrived home to find that Hon. Son #2 had lost keys and gotten into house via a window. Thank goodness my neighbors are used to this.
Figured I had time to get in a grocery run, being pretty much out of food.
Loaded groceries into car; checked time. Concluded I wasn't going to have time to make dinner. Drove thru McDonalds.
Had boys unload groceries. Distributed burger & fries generally. Hon Son #1 took his to go, having an evening class.
Picked up Baby; delivered to soccer game with D. Dinner en route.
Tanked up car.
Returned home; got Hon. Son #2 for Scout meeting.
Ostensible 30 min. troop committee meeting passed 1 hour mark. Excused self and left.
Picked up Baby & D 30 minutes after end of soccer game; swung by all-night printshop to photocopy permission forms for troop.
Returned to meeting; dropped off permission forms; picked up Hon. Son.
Home. Application of stain to shelf #2.
Load of laundry #3.
Bathed 2 dogs.

We'll see about that Neandertal thing in a day or two.



Blogger MrsDarwin said...

I am awed and slightly embarrassed by the amount you accomplish in a day. I can definitely get three loads of laundry through in a day, but folding them is a different issue.

2:50 PM  
Blogger The unconventional mother said...

I always wondered how much laundry you had to do with a house full of teenagers. Now I know.

5:35 AM  
Blogger CMinor said...

I'm blushin', Mrs. D. What you don't know is, I can also slack off with the best of 'em. I also didn't get a lot of this done when I still had crumb crunchers running around the house all day. And of course, every thrift store in town is still waiting for me to clean out my erstwhile- dining room-turned-attic.

Un--The darn thing of it is, the guys do most of theirs. Though we're not fully through the "how to fold correctly and put away" program. Currently #1 figures his busy sched allows him to leave everything in baskets instead of going to the trouble of putting it away in the dresser. He has to that end commandeered all my baskets.

Some days, of course, I don't post merely because I can't arm-wrestle everybody else off the 'puter

6:34 AM  

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