Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Thoughts

*D has reminded me of Tip O'Neill's remark that "All politics is local." I think this is fundamentally true regarding yesterday's election results. Very probably it was a factor in races here in Geawgia.

*I often listen to the radio while driving; two stations I listen to are a news/talk/sports station with a heavily conservative market and a classic rock station with a format geared to a blue-collar market. This made for interesting campaign ad listening. A local Dem congressional incumbent (mercifully not my headache) ran ads on the talk station that went out of their way to draw parallels between some of his positions and those of the Bush administration (heck, some of these bordered on bootlicking.) On the rock station, his ads played to class envy and the tone towards the administration was, to put it mildly, unfriendly. If we were all a little more catholic in our radio habits, we might be a lot more cynical about some of our politicos.

*A very miracle has occurred--overnight the Diebold computerized voting machine seems to have been "healed" of bugs, glitches, tampering, etc.

More later, if time allows.



Anonymous Chad said...

It is rather interesting that we aren't hearing much of anything like "the Democrats stole the election!".

I am quite sure that, had the result been the other way around, that we would be hearing no end of stories about evil electronic voting machines and disenfranchised voters who can't figure out how to punch buttons or chads. For the other side, the only possibilities are winning or having their victory stolen from them. A loss is inconceivable.

(yes, I'm a bit miffed over the election...)

11:21 AM  
Blogger CMinor said...

I was feeling kinda cranky myself. One puts on one's big kid panties, and gets over it. Having heard six years of "stolen election" rhetoric, I remind myself I would never get over the embarassment of being caught behaving like some of the opposition have.

Being rather untechnical, I did have a tense moment at the polls. Those computers are awfully sensitive, and while going for my selection, I brushed and selected the opposition (it was for some local office; no biggie.) For a minute or two, I frantically paged through screens, trying to figure out how to get rid of him and mark my choice; eventually (pure dumb luck) I figured that I could click him off by touching his box again and then mark my selection. D wonders I didn't kick up a fuss and start hollering about rigged machines and vote fraud.

7:58 PM  

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