Sunday, October 22, 2006


Several weeks ago, we tried opening up our combox generally. The result was an immediate barrage of daily spam of the "click here for a solution to the heartbreak of psoriasis" (guess that dates me!) variety. After a week or so of deleting the stuff, D reset the combox, not realizing that he had closed it to everyone except us. Thus we plodded along in ignorance until his sister mentioned the matter in an e-mail a few days ago. The combox feature is now fixed (we hope!) and should be useable by anyone. Hopefully the word verification function will stave off attacks by mass mailers. So feel free to drop us a line (unless, of course, you have a product to hawk!) We do, of course, request that you not exceed the length of the post on which you are commenting; that is what your own blog is for.



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