Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Taking some time

...off to get some work done, catch up on reading. Probably be back late next week.
Yard Eco: Hummers headed to points tropical a few weeks ago, I cleaned and stored the feeders last weekend. Squirrels eschewed the feeders in favor of nuts and acorns for a while; are now back. Even the munchkins are now too big to fit comfortably inside the squirrel feeder, so the peanuts that can't be pulled through the hatch sit inside until I take them out.
Knitting: Finished baby gift--may post pictures later if somebody can show me how. Serious Second Sock Syndrome. Will have to print out that German Twisted Cast-on pictorial if I'm gonna get anywhere. Keeping supplies in car for preemie hats; have finished two more, in pink, during soccer games & such. Started knit vest for D, which is gonna be a marathon. I think I bought 6 skeins for it, if not 7. Charcoal gray wool & very nice (Cascade knits up really comfortable,) but there's a lot of area to cover.



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