Monday, August 07, 2006

Order of the Tinfoil Hat: #1

D and I had occasionally discussed including a special award on this blog for the most preposterous conspiracy theorists out there. Unfortunately, we did not get around to setting it up in time on the last occasion of Charlie Sheen shooting his mouth off.

We'd prefer to have set the whole thing up with a nice illustration of the award, but that will have to wait as D is pulling loads of overtime and Luddite C isn't always sure which end of the computer is up (to be frank, were it not for D I'd blogging longhand in 5-subject spiral notebooks or, at best, on the manual Olivetti Lettera on which I typed my college papers. But hey, I bet you can't run a mimeograph machine!)

So, as nothing occurs as planned, The Minor Premise would like to make the best of things and present its First Irregular Order of the Tinfoil Hat. As Time Magazine periodically issues its Man of the Year award to an entire demographic, we thought we'd follow suit.

Therefore, (ahem) we present the Minor Premise First Irregular Order of the Tinfoil Hat to...

...The 36% of Scripps Howard survey subjects who still think the U. S. government had something to do with the 9/11 attacks because they secretly wanted a war in the Middle East.

Congratulations, guys and gals, and we'll have those awards out to you just as soon as we can get around to folding the Reynolds Wrap. Please submit your requests for triangular, square, or soda jerk style, along with head measurements, in the comment box below.



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