Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where to Begin...

I already put in my two cents' worth on the Plan B pill so I'll refrain from further comment as it looks like OTC status is going to be up for review. At least there is the stipulation that the drug has to be kept behind the counter and only dispensed to 18-and-ups so at least the women screwing up their reproductive systems ought to be adults who know better. As the Morning Aftervists continue to hammer on that age limit I suppose it will only be a matter of time before little girls in their early teens will have access. There is something singularly dissatisfying about the likelihood of being in the 'Toldja so' seat in the future. Pray that this thing fails, spectacularly.

I'll refrain from dancing, prematurely or after the fact, on Fidel's grave. Though there is a certain satisfaction in seeing the beginning of the end of the despot's rule, God only knows what will follow. Prayer assignment for the week: the people of Cuba.

My Cuban uncle, who remembers Fidel a couple of years behind him at University (they didn't socialize, being in different programs) once remarked that, having a few years on Fidel, he really didn't appreciate the Fidel Deathwatch habit in the Cuban exile community. Perhaps he'll outlast the curse.

Jimmy Akin has an article posted on ESCR and the principle of double effect. I'm still reading this one with its links and comments; thus far it looks like a good read (not to mention excellent debate fodder.)

An update at Save Nazanin reports:
The International Committee Against Execution have confirmed the report in the Iranian Newspaper "Hamshari" that Nazanin's execution has been commuted by Ayatollah Shahroudi (the Head of Judiciary). A retrial has been announced and Nazanin's case will be sent to a lower court for further investigation.

However, the Save Nazanin campaign is far from over yet. Nazanin is a victim of attempted rape, and should not be further punished. There is also a chance that Nazanin may be sentenced to death once again by the courts as seen in past cases.We do not want this 18 year old girl's life to end up like Kobra Rahmanpour. Rahmanpour is an 19 year old girl who killed someone out of self defence and had her execution stayed several times before she was set free. She was even at the execution site where they announced that "they did not have enough rope". She ended wasting 7 years of her young life in jail. In her first trial, Nazanin had a state appointed lawyer as her family was too poor to hire a personal lawyer. Measures are now being taken to hire a lawyer with experience in these cases.

But the important thing now is that Nazanin will not be executed in the near future, as we had feared. And we want to thank all of you who have helped to achieve this!

God be praised.
See also my previous post on this.



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