Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Quick Note

There has not been much time for blogging, as I have been laying a wood floor. Rabbi Boteach's opinion piece on breastfeeding has led to some interesting e-mail discussions with my sister-in-law, with some biochemical input from my brother-in-law. I am thinking of posting on these conversations as soon as I get some time. The discussion contains some insights on the history and ramifications of artificial infant feeding, and answers at least one question that was raised in theIf Breast is Best post recently on Jimmy Akin's Blog.

In the meantime:
Harvest: Tomatoes tapering off considerably (thank goodness!) Still getting cukes, most of which have fortunately been at least partly edible. Have been picking most of them small and pickling in small batches. No lack of cayenne peppers. Bell peppers coming along nicely, if small; picking about 1-2/day.
Weather: Hot and sticky, rain sporadic in isolated cells. Was relieved Friday morning before launching into some outdoor work that it was a balmy 90F and not overly humid. Of course, by late morning it was a different story.
Yard Ecology: Hummers regularly at feeders. Need to refill front yard feeder already. Have been getting some house finches back at feeders again. Noted two males in good health 7/13. Have not seen evidence of conjunctivitis in any birds recently. Observed juvenile Carolina Chickadee and Tufted Titmouse in backyard yesterday; thrashers in neighbors' yard may be nesting again. I haven't seen much of them, but they're noisy enough. Mini-squirrels bigger, more agile. Have added a squirrel feeder which is very popular.
Knitting: Broken through glut. Still have a baby gift to finish, but a nice set of 5 preemie caps done in conjunction with the honorable daughters is ready to go to the knit shop, which delivers them to the local NICU. They had a series of classes on making the hats and consequently have quite a pile in a variety of styles and colors. The preemies will be very stylish! My trekking sock is on the back burner. Second sock syndrome is not a problem, as I have yet to finish the first one. Have almost finished a felted tubular bag, though.
Reading: Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder by John E. Miller. Another find from the library's new book shelf. Having been a fan of Wilder's books as a girl, I am enjoying reading about the history behind them. Though Miller can be a bit redundant in spots, his biographical material is well-researched and related in a generally engaging manner.



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