Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dr. Moreau, call your office, et. al.

According to this article, a number of clinics around the world are now offering face lifts and cosmetic injections using tissue from 6-12 week gestation aborted babies. Were this not grotesque enough, the article adds:

To obtain the cells, women in underdeveloped nations are paid up to $200 dollars to carry a baby up to the optimum eight to 12 week period when the fetuses are “harvested” for their stem cells which are then sold to exclusive cosmetic clinics.

Evidence again that one woman's "choice" is another woman's exploitation.
Cynthia McKinney's district contrived to get rid of her again; anyone could have predicted she'd go out with a bang. According to local radio reports this morning, members of her campaign were involved in a scuffle. I'll post the link when I get to it. The AJC's site has some items on it today.

Dick Yarbrough, an Atlanta-based columnist/humorist, proposed McKinney's nomination as ambassador to Outer Space during her last hiatus. Perhaps she'd be so kind as to oblige us again.
Iraq the Model present evidence in their Aug. 9 post that the spirit of The Onion is alive and well even in the Middle East. Who'da thunk it?

Personal: Tripped over a dog and jammed little finger of right hand day before yesterday. Don't think it's broken, but it is pretty painful and swollen. Have been keeping it taped to adjoining finger as I figure that's what a doc would do if it is broken; hoping to avoid half a day at the office. It looks better today. Thank goodness; typing with taped fingers is tricky business.
Yard eco: Squirrel munchkins have reached a size that makes them hard to distinguish from the adults; Momma was looking awfully chubby atop the feeder yesterday. A second litter? Maybe I'm overfeeding them. Hummers plentiful; I think we have a number of fledglings among them. There was a whole family at the backyard feeder yesterday: a larger female, and a smaller female and male.
Harvest: Lots of bell peppers; a sort of bruising or insect damage is common on quite a few of them. I'll have to look it up. Still have some cayennes and eggplants ripening.
Knitting: Have to pull out a couple of rows of baby gift. Should be interesting with taped fingers.
For days that couldn't be worse, from Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom:
Remember the psalm in which, after more restrained forms of expression, suddenly David bursts out, 'You, my Joy!'...when we can say to God 'O You my Joy!' or when you can say 'O You the pain of my life, O You who are standing in the midst of it as torment, as a problem, as a stumbling block!', when we can address Him with violence, then we have established a relationship of prayer.

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