Monday, June 19, 2006

Comic Relief

Note to D on his last post: The Nats edged the Yankees out 3-2 in the last inning. Does that mean all that "curse of L'Enfant" stuff was balderdash?

Harvest: Cherry tomatoes in quantity, plus some Romas and Big Boys daily The Big Boy vines are withering, though, so I have to pick fast. They're not doing as well as they were last year (less rain, maybe?) but then again, the tomatoes aren't rupturing on the vine from overhydration either. Cherries and Romas, on the other hand, handle the heat well. Made a batch of tomato salad using the cherries. Am contemplating spaghetti sauce. Cayenne peppers turning red; am considering preservation options. Bitter cukes still a problem I'll need to study.

Environment: Birds still lying kind of low except at early morning and evening. The trio of Squirrel Munchkins, on the other hand, are out daily munching under the feeder. I hope they are greater respecters of the neighborhood cats than they are of us; we are able to get within a yard of them sometimes. Baby spent some time acclimating them to her presence, though, and the cats don't carry around buckets of birdseed. I'm waiting for the day squirrels tap on the window and signal me the feeder's empty. We had an adult under the feeder today who looked to have survived an attack by either a cat or another squirrel; it had about half a tail and one eye healed shut. All in all, though, it looked to have healed up reasonably well and to be free of lingering infection. Stubborn thing, life.

Momblog: Hon. Son #1, training in firefighting, 'saw the elephant' weekend before last when his crew was called out on a motorcycle/vehicle collision. That the cyclist was alive at all when they arrived is a testament to the importance of helmets; on latest update he was still with the living. I'm praying he stays that way.
Hon. Son #2, with the aid of a buddy, decided to give himself a mohawk while at camp for a week. He was a sight to behold on his return. It wasn't a complete loss; I found an embedded dog tick in his scalp while converting the mess into a boot camp-style high 'n' tight. They definitely have too much free time at camp. The same buddy graciously brought with him a GI virus with the end result that H.S. and a few others came home sick. This actually may have been a blessing as it caused D. to hold his tongue about the hair.



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