Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Manly Interruption

Hmmm - C in her last post talked about this turning into a FemBlog. While her post did talk about some very valid issues, I just can't let that slide (not while I'm still a contributor, anyway!)
First, lets look in on the Washington Nationals - Major League Baseball in a city that had been deprived of baseball for most of my life, ever since Bob Short absconded with the team in the days of Richard Nixon.
Interleague play has started and Nats are facing offthe New York Yankees. Managed by baseball legend Frank Robinson (who has a history in the area, having played and managed for the Baltimore Orioles), the Nats achieved an 11-9 comeback win against the Yankees last night. This win breaks a five-game losing streak and putstheir record at 31-39, in 3rd place in the National League east,12.5 games out of first place. That might seem somewhat depressing, except for the fact that the Atlanta Braves, usually perennial winners, are on a six-game losing streak and are below the Nats at 13 games behind. If you can't win, a little schadenfreude will do.

As I write, the Nats and the Yanks are scoreless in the second inning of their Sunday game.

For any non-U.S. readers we may have, let me turn to the World Cup. For the record, let me say I never played much soccer (football) in my youth. As a player and aficionado of the American football game, I felt it my duty to harass and make fun of the boys who would, in the fall, put on short pants and chase around an over-inflated volleyball when they could be doing the manly thing: strapping on pads and a helmet and crashing full speed into their opponents.
The latest U.S. effort against Italy ended in a 1-1 tie (draw), but only after an Italian player was obliging enough to put a ball into his own net. I would gloat and jeer more, but such mistakes in the world cup have proven to be fatal in other countries. I trust Italy will act civilly enough and just make the offending player walk home from Germany.
I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress.

Dminor ;-)


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