Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Meanwhile, in the Workers' Paradise...

Granma Internacional Online reports Fidel's comments on Cuba's 'Yes, I Can Do It' literacy program:

"If we teach people to read and write we will have hundreds of millions of revolutionaries, of fighters capable of changing the world," affirmed President Fidel Castro during the closing session of the International Literacy and Post-Literacy Seminar that brought together more than 700 delegates from 33 nations at the International Conference Center.

Yeah, Fidel, but once you've taught 'em to read, how're you gonna keep 'em from reading stuff you'd rather they didn't know about? Oh, yeah, in the excitement of the moment I almost forgot about that little library suppression matter...

The leader of the Revolution stated: "Capitalism has no interest in abolishing ignorance. It can be confirmed that there is no will to educate people just as we can demonstrate that we want to and can combat ignorance," he assured.

Al contrario, Fidel. Bienvenidos al Mercado Libre de Ideas! (or Free Market of Ideas, as the Yanquis would say.) Of course, since it's only recently that you, with a flourish, proclaimed the importation from China of rice steamers, I suppose that control of the Internet will be a problem for your successor, whoever he may be, to deal with. You might try a little free market yourself, Fidel. I understand that locally produced rice steamers were a successful cottage industry down there before you put the kibbosh on them. Who knows, the Woz and Jobs of Cuba may even now be hunched over a '58 Chevy in some Havana barrio.



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