Monday, June 12, 2006

Running a bit behind...

...but Captain's Quarters posted an explanation on June 10 of why the "witness" who claimed he saw Zarqawi being beaten to death by American soldiers couldn't possibly have seen it.

And although "666" jokes should now be as stale as reading 1984 in 1985, I came across some goodies last week but couldn't seem to get any computer time to post them. Time for a little levity, if slightly out of date.

MrsDarwin at Darwin Catholic compiled these under 'Beastly Stuff:'
Julie D. has up a post on the number of the beast , and her comments box is getting silly. Here's the lowdown on the number of the Beast, 666 -- and all its brothers and uncles and ugly stepchildren.
666 Biblical Number of the Beast
660 Approximate Number of the Beast
DCLXVI Roman Numeral of the Beast
665 Number of the Beast's Older Brother
667 Number of the Beast's Younger Sister
668 Number of the Beast's Neighbor
999 Number of the Australian Beast
333 Number of the Semi-Beast
66 Number of the Downsized Beast
6, uh... I forget Number of the Blond Beast
666.0000 Number of the High Precision Beast
665.9997856 Number of the Beast on a Pentium
00666 Zip Code of the Beast E-mail Address of the Beast Website of the Beast
1-666-666-6666 Phone & FAX Number of the Beast
1-888-666-6666 Toll Free Number of the Beast
1-900-666-6666 Live Beasts, available now! One-on-one pacts! Only$6.66 per minute! [Must be over 18!]
666-66-6666 Social Security Number of the Beast
Form 10666 Special IRS Tax Forms for the Beast
IAM 666 License Plate Number of the Beast
Formula 666 All Purpose Cleaner of the Beast
66.6% Tax Rate of the Beast*
6.66% 6-Year CD Interest Rate at First Beast Bank of Hell ($666 minimum deposit, $666 early withdrawal fee)
$666/hr Billing Rate of the Beast's Lawyer
$665.95 Retail Price of the Beast
$710.36 Price of the Beast plus 6.66% Sales Tax
$769.95 Price of the Beast with accessories and replacement soul
$656.66 Wal-Mart Price of the Beast (next week $646.66!)
$55.50 Monthly Payments for Beast, in 12 easy installments
And don't forget: Speculation that the "mark of the Beast" will take the form of bar codes or computer chips is incorrect. The mark of the Beast is actually conferred by Livestrong bracelets.

* And you thought your tax rate is high.

Julie D. also notes that the 6/6/06 of Revelation would have been according to the Julian calendar. So the Apocalypse actually did come, only about 10 days earlier. (And I missed it!)



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