Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Flit, Henry! Not the blowtorch!

That title should peg me as older than dirt; actually Flit and the Ted Geisel ad campaign were well before my time.

This one is for my Dixiana file, which has, due to a dearth of moonshine busts and giant hog shootings, been somewhat neglected of late. I should perhaps add a "public safety" label as I seem to be amassing a collection of stories on that theme. It's to be expected as I have a kid whose idea of a thrill involves a big red truck, several dozen pounds of stifling gear, and a structure fire:

Ga. man cleaning with blowtorch sets house on fire

Would-be cleaners take note: A blowtorch is not a good substitute for a broom. Coweta County authorities said Galen Winchell set fire to his west Georgia home Wednesday as he cleaned cobwebs from exterior eaves with a blowtorch. Winchell noticed the blaze when he saw smoke pouring from the attic.

Coweta Fire Investigator James Gantt says the fire was contained to one part of the house, but the entire home had smoke and water damage.

No one was hurt. No phone number was listed for Winchell.

Information from: The Times-Herald,

We found the story here.

I thought every good ol' boy knew that you don't go squirrel huntin' with a thirty-aught-six.



Blogger mrsdarwin said...

I recognized the title right away, thanks to our anthology of Seuss. It's a great piece of copy.

8:11 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

It's a great little factoid to have on hand for trivia contests as well!

9:15 PM  

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