Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cars with Frost

Election Day approaches, so here are two parodies for the price of one:

The first one is by political cartoonist Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle. I won't reprint it all here -- you'll have to go directly to the source, but here is a taste:

The Vote Not Taken

Two pols diverged in a booth of wood
and sorry I could not vote for both
and be one voter, long I stood
and studied one, I mean but good.
"I'll help you out," he made an oath...

Good stuff with a neat punchline at the end. Check it out.

My contribution comes from the 80's band The Cars. I didn't think it was an obscure song, but C didn't recognize it when I mentioned it, and still didn't recognize it when I played it for her. But it seems tailor-made for the occasion.

(To the tune of Candy-O,
apologies to Ric Ocasek)

Barry-o, when you're prez
Politics: very red
Barry-o, where will you go
Spread the wealth so thin?

Union types, checking cards
Radicals you'll bring
And all to prove you're on the move
And promising

Barry-o, where will you go?
Barry-o, where will you go?

There you can't distract yourself
Opinion polls won't work
And when you're prez
And in a mess
You can't just shirk

Different ways to see it through
Which is right in the end?
Media star, a-thats who you are
Because of that, you win

Barry-o, where will you go?
Barry-o, where will you go?

Barry-o, where will you go?
Barry-o, where will you go?

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Blogger CMinor said...

Well, I knew it as an album title.

Having now heard it, I'm not surprised the title track got far less play--outside the urban jungle D grew up in, anyway--than other songs on the album.

I think it was written to be parodied

8:59 PM  

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