Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pre-Election Sing-Along

Since we collect parodies as well as write them, we link, with a big tip of the hat, to DUmmie FUnnies for his really excellent Ayres. Darn, we wish we'd thought of it!

Go to the original site for the music and try singing along--it's a pretty tight parody.

Tune: "Hair"
by pj-comix of DUmmie FUnnies

(Don't ask this guy)
When I knew Ayers or why
I'm beggin' noon and (nighty, night, night):
Keep Ayers out of sight!

I met him long ago
But don't ask me why
('Cause he don't know)
It's not for lack of years
Sharin' our careers

Was I in bed with Ayers
Bill "Radical" Ayers
Burnin', hatin'
Bombin' his own nation

Get me out of where (Ayers)
Served as my old mentor (Ayers)
Near Barry Obama
Anywhere that he could be

Ayers (Ayers, Ayers Ayers, Ayers, Ayers)
Throw him, stow him
Long as I don't know him
Bill Ayers...

Read the rest here.

We also liked the following assessment of the standard DU line on "voting machine fraud". As might be expected, they're trotting out the excuses in time for the big finish-- just in case.

Rove, Rove, Rove your vote
When you're on the screen
Narrowly, narrowly, narrowly, narrowly
Swipe it by machine!



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