Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pull Down the Schadenfreude

With the candidates so finely coached, and questions never really answered, I have to ask myself, why do I, and so many others watch the debates?

Why do we watch presidential debate?
What do we hope to find there?
Will casual lines change people's minds?
Will we vote for the cut of his hair?

I think the debate is like NASCAR,
They circle, surrounded by tech--
But you and me, what we want to see
Is for one or the other to wreck.

If all goes well for both men,
They'll say that the evening's a bore
But if someone falls down, or acts like a clown
The press will be shouting for more!

Why do we watch the presidential debate?
Will anything really get done?
I have to admit, I learn not a bit;
Is this your idea of fun?

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