Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing Around the Subject

Sometimes after I have looked at a YouTube video, I will scan the "Related Videos" section to see if there is anything further on the subject that is interesting.

I was looking at an ad, "Bad News," on YouTube, and I ran across a video claiming to show Sarah Palin singing. A quick look showed that the video was a poor joke put up by an anti-Palin hack. The video also appears on Sam Harris' blog on the site "Brave New Films," but is not claimed by Harris.

So from where did the video footage really come? A video titled "Walk in His Steps," copyrighted 2007 from The Way, International.

The original video is unremarkable -- typical gospel TV fare. The Palin send-up is weak, and is uninteresting the moment you realize that it is not authentic. The fact that copyright law was trampled is not lost on me. If I were the poster, I might be more careful, especially if I were in show business.

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