Friday, September 26, 2008

See, I Said Bang Your Head on the Keyboard Day Was Coming Up

PETA has written Ben and Jerry's proposing that they substitute human milk for cow's milk in their ice cream. They promote this mainly as a health measure, although I'm sure concern for those contented-looking Holsteins on the green Vermont hills depicted on the packaging was a powerful motivator.

Having lactated myself, all I can say is, "Moo." That and I'm sorry I didn't devise an official award for Stupidest Environmental Idea back when Greenpeace was commissioning that Noah's Ark replica.

Fortunately I stumbled across Hampton Roads Online (I spent a few years in that area, and used to read the Virginian Pilot and Ledger Star when I could.) and found that many of the commenters in the story's combox had plenty to say. A sampling of some of the more amusing remarks from the first page:

*'s my suggestion... Nipple Ripple

*I have a great idea for the newly-minted mom baristas that work the espresso machines in Starbucks: "Cappuccino latte materno". With a twist, of course!

*Humans are the only species that consumes another animal's milk.
[Citation from PETA's letter]
Tell that to my cat when he gets Elsie's best twice daily. Not to mention the plethora of wild animals I've fed cow's milk to.

*I had my share of breastmilk when I was an infant and though I have breastfed 2 of my children and am currently breastfeeding my youngest, I have no desire to partake in Cherry Garcia made with something my body secretes to nourish my young. Nor am I interested in consuming the breastmilk of other women.

I guess PETA didn't take into account that mammals don't as a rule continue to drink the milk of their own species into adulthood. Since they've taken an interest in promoting typical mammalian behavior, that is.

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Blogger Zach said...

that strikes me as perhaps the most insane or ridiculous thing PETA has ever done.

but that's hard to judge because so much of what they do is just utterly absurd.

6:40 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Yeah, it's definitely up there. Though for over-the-top behavior probably nothing will equal the PETA folks in Virginia who were taking adoptable pets from other agencies under pretext of "finding them good homes" and then doing them in and dumping the bodies.

9:15 AM  

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