Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coming Tomorrow: Bang Your Head on the Keyboard Day

All right, last night and this morning when my browser dashboard came up the lead story (note to D: can we get the dashboard to display real news instead?) was Clay Aiken: 'Yes, I'm Gay'.

I visited Civics Geeks, where I found Zach had posted the following headline from today's edition of his alma mater's student newspaper:
Students work to learn in big lectures

Then, I ran across this mention on The Ironic Catholic of a Time Magazine story on a "green" Bible:

[Time]Green runs through the Bible like a vine. There are the Garden and Noah's olive branch. The oaks under which Abraham met with angels. The "tree standing by the waterside" in Psalms. And there is Jesus, the self-proclaimed "true vine," who describes the Kingdom of Heaven as a mustard seed that grows into a tree "where birds can nest." He dies on a cross of wood, and when he rises Mary Magdalene mistakes him for a gardener.

[IC] Yeah, here's a clue, Time--there was no electricity back then. Of course the ancient world was green.

Positively eerie.
I can only conclude that Congress declared Keen Insights Into the Obvious day and forgot to inform most of us about it. Small wonder their approval rating is where it is.

So here I am, behind the curve again on things. Though it's a bit slapdash, I have, in keeping with the spirit of the day, thrown together a few humble insights of my own:

*Gee, whillikers, this mortgage bailout is going to cost us a bundle.
*What a horserace the election is turning out to be, eh?
*If I don't pick up that absentee ballot application for Hon Daughter #1, she's gonna miss the election entirely.
*It's Indian summer in Georgia, and the ragweed is in bloom...
*I have really, really got to vacuum this floor today.
*Gosh, Dog Bud really smells. He cannot go another week without a bath.



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