Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...Oh Yes, There Is!

Several posts down, D presented a Muppet Show song parody he'd encountered in a discussion of puppet Masses. A Jim Henson fan from childhood, he felt he ought to give suitable homage to Henson's most famous persona in his title.

But how to tie in the spindly-limbed Green One to the matter at hand? A patronage would seem to be the most obvious means. But is there really a St. Kermit, or isn't there? We wouldn't want to put out misleading information, after all. A search of Catholic Online's Saints & Angels database seemed to put the question to rest. No St. Kermits anywhere. Thus was born the title, "There Is No St. Kermit..." Certainly words to live by, should one ever be tempted to attempt a Puppet Mass.

Unfortunately, we had forgotten the First Rule of Celtic Spelling, which is that no word will ever be spelled remotely like it's pronounced (case in point: legendary Irish king Conchobor is pronounced "Connor".) So it was inevitable that the facts of the matter would come back to bite us. On a subsequent search, they did.

According to the
Dictionary of Patron Saints' Names
by Thomas W. Sheehan (Our Sunday Visitor, 2001), of which a lucky few pages including the K section for male saints are reproduced at Google Books:

*There are at least eight Sts. Kermit.
*In ancient Ireland they spelled the name Diarmaid (that would explain why we couldn't find them under K at Catholic Online. How about a cross-reference, guys?)
*St. Kermit the Just (feast Jan.10) served as abbot of Inis Clothran, Longford and is remembered for composing a psalter.

The contributions of the other seven Sts. Kermit were not mentioned.

Interestingly enough, a weekly podcast by the name of St. Kermit broadcasts out of the Boston, MA area. Its website features the slogan, "A podcast inspired by the patron saint of green," and a logo of the Frog himself's trademark green scalp and ping-pong ball eyes with a halo above.

So there is a Saint Kermit, after all. Several, in fact.

But I'm positive there are no Saints Piggy, Fozzie, or Gonzo!


Blogger Abu Daoud said...

And there's a Saint Linus too, the second pope! I can't understand why no later pope took the name, Pope Linus II...but maybe some day...

(I realize that the muppets and peanuts are different...but I just find the fact thrilling.)

12:26 AM  
Blogger CMinor said...

I have a friend who could never get through the Litany of the Saints without giggling:
"Saint Linus, pray for us;
Saint Lucy, pray for us..."

She figured St. Charlie Brown ought to be in there somewhere.

Thanks for visiting!

2:49 PM  

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