Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meme Miscellany

Recently, the Ironic Catholic posted a "meme" that seemed interesting. I don't usually go in for these things, but as I am short on both time and material, I figure I can give it a try:

1. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
The blog is as much a writing exercise as anything else. It also serves as a means of expression that otherwise would be left to letters to the editor or asides to friends.

2. Are you a spiritual person?
A little, but not nearly enough.

3. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you?
food, water, and a radio

4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
Driving to Missouri on family vacations. In the days before mandatory seatbelt laws, my brother and I would take over the tailgate of the stationwagon with pillows, toys, etc. All the while, my parents would have the front seat to do grownup things, like drive and navigate. Add to that the anticipation of the vacation to begin. Very unsafe for us in the back in retrospect, but very fun for a kid.

5. Are these your first (tagging) memes?

6. Eight random facts about me
- Missed playing for Coach Boone of "Remember the Titans" fame by one year
- Am a self-taught guitar player
- Wear glasses
- Learned to fence at age 40
- Picked up second major in college so as not to be shown up by C
- Have horrible handwriting
- Am a lifelong Washington Redskins fan
- Have very little cartilage left in one ankle

I will tag C and Rambling Speech , should she wander by. Have fun!



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