Friday, May 11, 2007

The Mouse that Abhorred

At first I thought it was a story from the satirical web site The Onion -- a Palestinian children's show where a young child called in and talked about killing and "commit[ting] martyrdom." The show's main character was a multilingual tuxedo-clad mouse who was taken to task for his lack of ethnic chauvinism. Disney gone mad? Has Mickey Mouse become Mickey Hamas? And what will become of Pluto and Goofy?

I will leave my Mickey Mouse theme parody out for now.

"Mick' Hamas (Phil Fatah!), Mick' Hamas (Phil Fatah!)"

I understand that the show has been pulled - could it be that Hamas hate is no match for Disney's lawyers? If only it was that simple . . . .



Anonymous jamal said...

a little biased here!

12:15 PM  
Blogger DMinor said...

When it comes to children, yes, I am biased. Dialog like this should not be in media for small children:

Sanabel: "We will annihilate the Jews."

Leave the hate to the adults!

5:46 PM  

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