Saturday, May 12, 2007

Teach Your Children Well

Looks lile I spoke too soon regarding Mickey Hamas and his children's show. According to Agence France Presse, the slandering and inciting show ran again on Friday, 11 May. On the 10th, the television station's chairman of the board decried the attacks against the show, calling it an Israeli and Western plan "to attack Islam and the Palestinian cause," according to the AFP article.
Apparently, the chairman would rob his community's children, who I'm sure have suffered mightily, of more of their childhood for the sake of his causes. Whom else would he manipulate?



Blogger Omar said...

Right. So it's the chairman robbing the children of their childhood.

Not the IDF shooting them with so-called rubber bullets that are nothing but bullet-COATED bullets. Not the Israeli roadblocks that prevent them from getting to school, or in fact, getting to hospital. Not the devastated economy they live under due to Israel withholding their money from their. Not the murder of their siblings and the abduction of their fathers by the IDF. Not the water and electricity shortages they suffer due to Israeli pressure. Not the frequent massacres at places such as Jenin. Not the Zionist invaders who have stolen their land. Not the media that has portrayed them and their rocks as terrorists. Not the American politicians who submit to AIPAC and supply Israel with the latest in military hardware with which to bombard them back to the stone age. Not the constant portrayal of them as ignorant terrorists by most of the American film industry. Not the fact that you are so self-absorbed as to actually think they're better off watching the cartoon channel than learning about the enemy that lurks across their streets. A zionist settler teenager with a machine gun in his hands, murder in his mind, and political immunity in the land he stole.


Look up Charles Black. Read.

Travel. See.

9:12 PM  
Blogger CMinor said...

Read the foot of the post, Omar; you didn't get me, you got my pardner D. As he's currently unavailable and I hate to see your comment left unanswered, I suppose the job falls to me. It doesn't matter; we're of one mind on this anyway.

Even assuming--and I do not--that everything you mention is the unassailable truth with no room for alternate interpretations, the actions of those who seek to indoctrinate children barely weaned in hatred and violence is unconscionable. If you assume--as do I--that there is plenty of blame to be assigned on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian land dispute, it is inhuman.

The Palestinians demand that everyone take their side without question, and are outraged when many do not. Are they unable to recognize that their own tactics are so revolting as to alienate many who might be inclined to sympathize? Do they understand that tactics like the show in question merely reinforce Golda Meier's adage that there will be peace in the Middle East only when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews? Teaching children to hate and to embrace violence before they can even tie their shoes or write their own names is NOT the same thing as warning them to be wary of danger. This is not teaching children to be safe; it is exploiting them.

Children deserve a childhood. Those charged with their care are the last people who should be working to deprive them of it. Until the Palestinian people can say that they have done all they could to promote peace--and I think you know they have not--they have little standing to justify this manner of "teaching" about "the enemy." Hamas seems to be so blinded by desire for power that they see children not as the future of their country, but as a means to advance their own agenda. But children brought up on hatred grow up as damaged goods. If these tactics continue, the result will be a generation of warped, angry young adults who may not be controllable even by their trainers. Think about it. What if the loathed Israel were wiped off the face of the earth by some natural catastrophe next week? What then will Hamas do in fifteen years with a population of young thugs who know nothing but killing and death and who have been imbued for years with a fantasy of their own power and importance?

By the way, I noticed that here and on your blog you found it expedient to dismiss me (or D, as it were) as uninformed and "self -absorbed." In fact, we have "read, traveled, and seen" more than you might think. We also know a thing or two about raising well-adjusted adults capable of dealing reasonably with other human beings. Call me uninformed if you wish; no excuse or horror story you can come up with will persuade me that training up children in hatred is justified. Realize, too, that I've heard a few horror stories myself.

I guarantee you, tactics like this one will eventually blow up in Hamas' faces. I don't know when, or if they will achieve their design of eradicating Israel before it happens. But it will, and it will be ugly.

8:47 PM  

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